In a world of books, often one stands out. Maybe it taught you something. Maybe it touched your soul. Maybe it made you laugh so hard that it hurt. Around the world, millions of people do not have access to books. They may lack resources or technology. They may have a disability that prevents them from reading. We invite you to share your favorite book and what it means to you. By sharing, we can raise awareness of the importance of books and the need to make them accessible to all. Ways to share:

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Collage of popular books

The Secret Garden from Linda

I read this book during my 5th grade year in school as the braille book was in the school’s library. One of the characters in the book had a disability which could be resolved through exercise, but first he needed to develop friends...

Miss Rumphius from Reagan

Miss Rumphius caught my eye in first grade when my favorite teacher read this beautifully illustrated book to our class. It became a challenge to my heart.