Patricia from California

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How has the ADA impacted your life regarding travel/mobility, education, employment, or any other aspect?

As a visually impaired person, the ADA seems to apply moreso to people with mobility issues. I do, however, appreciate color coded areas and the availability of ramps as stairs are a problem.

Can you share a “before and after” experience; e.g., before the ADA I couldn’t do X or was denied access to Y, and thanks to the ADA I can do Z.

Mainly the availability of ramps. Much easier these days.

What advances in disability rights would you like to see in the next 30 years?

If human lived to be 150, we would all be blind. Now that the average age has increased, eye disorders are more and more common. I would like to see: print materials be enlarged or large print versions be available (menus in particular), I would like to use credit card machines where I can actually see the transaction, I think most point of sale staff need sensitivity training, price tags enlarged etc…..

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