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How has the ADA impacted your life regarding travel/mobility, education, employment, or any other aspect?

In 1995 I was working for a local dairy and they wanted to let me go because I was legally blind with vision of 20/400. I was ordered to go to an eye doctor to determine how much Sight I had left and he told them that they were not doctors and therefore could not determine if I was OK to do my job. I called the state commission for the blind in Albany New York and car awoken of the commission came and met with the union president and the vice president of human resources and the problem was solved. I was

Can you share a “before and after” experience; e.g., before the ADA I couldn’t do X or was denied access to Y, and thanks to the ADA I can do Z.

Before a D a I would have lost my job a high-paying job and would have probably not been able to get another job after a D a I was able to keep the job I had until reaching retirement age and now I am living comfortably even though now I am now totally blind the ADA was there for me when I needed it and so is Carl walking of the New York State commission for the blind who came and met with HR and union president and save my job

What advances in disability rights would you like to see in the next 30 years?

In my community they have wheelchair ramps at the corners of all streets and most buildings have a ramp with automatic swinging doors for wheelchairs to go in and out. But there is nothing there to let blind people know where the door is or where to go after you get inside the building. I would like to see audible notices at the entrances of all buildings indicating that this is where the entrance is so blind people can get in and out without requiring assistance.

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