Tisha from Indiana

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Can you share a “before and after” experience; e.g., before the ADA I couldn’t do X or was denied access to Y, and thanks to the ADA I can do Z.

For as long as I can remember the ADA Was around. Want to go to college I was told I couldn’t apply and they didn’t know how to help me so maybe I should go here and apply. Now that I’m older I applied at that college because they could not not let me. And I’m going there. It does not mean that college cannot make it where you want to leave. I can walk in the store now and ask for assistance to shop before I couldn’t.. With modern day technology some places have given me even a choice of how I want to shop. Before webpages anything on the Internet did not have to be assessable know it does. Nowadays they have to give you reading material and assessable format Which is nice because library’s have books, doctors offices have to come up with a way to accommodate you, etc.

What advances in disability rights would you like to see in the next 30 years?

Stricter laws on websites not being assessable and breaking the law. Since everything is by car in the big cities have so many roads that are not accessible transportation That makes bus stops have more than just braille there are people out there that cannot read braille we do know you’re actually at the bus stop, even allotment for money so if you want to take a lift or an Uber That would be nice because not everywhere can you walk to you if it is so far spread out if you have no one and you want to go swimming somewhere the cost to get there is so high you’re forced to live in town if you want to live out in the country because of transportation problem. Stricter regulations on walking into a store and then saying we don’t have to help you we’re not required. Reasonable accommodations have too many gray areas Where is it the regulations would not have great areas and this would make it where schools and other places would have to be forced to use it follows stricter guidelines Because was reasonable for one person may not be reasonable for another and places are getting away with saying well we did this and it did not help and that’s considered a reasonable accommodation JOB places Have to hire more disability people lower the numbers. More public knowledge out there would help greatly. And last of all ifOCR or ADA does not do their job stricter laws on them. Tired of walking up to one and then seeing this is hard to prove or you don’t make enough money and that’s were proving to discrimination needs to have a better definition which would include bullying and other terms. Thanks giving a reason why you’re not getting hired not just saying they don’t have to hire you for any reason.

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