Janice from Michigan

By Benetech, posted on

How has the ADA impacted your life regarding travel/mobility, education, employment, or any other aspect?

I don’t think ADA has positively affected travel in that more and more roundabouts/traffic circles are being set up which I think are unsafe to navigate. I also feel that “quiet” cars make it impossible to listen for traffic.

What advances in disability rights would you like to see in the next 30 years?

More access to things on websites. I don’t think ADA has “teeth” in this regard. I am glad for others if ADA has helped in their lives, but for me in the area of doing things online it has not. Undoubtedly this is in part due to needing better computer skills; however, when I complained about poor access for people using screen readers on one site I was told they were aware of the problem but basically dealing with it was not a high priority.

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