A Single Shard from Marcy

By Benetech, posted on

I have been teaching over 20 years. Some in a general education classroom and some special education. I read the book aloud with my second graders every year and they always loved it. I also read the book with 6th graders, 7th graders and 8th graders. It is a book rich in history, vocabulary and teachable moments about acceptance, honor, perseverance and family relationships. My favorite memory was with a 6th grade group of students with reading disabilities. They did not like to read and tried to avoid it whenever they could. When we first started reading the book they whined and complained. When we got to the middle they begged to have more reading time! Toward the end of the book, my students were concerned one of the students was going to be absent from school. I asked is we could wait to finish the book. They were too anxious to wait so I suggested reading it to them and then rereading kit when the absent student returned. They loved it!! Those same. Before I read “The Single Shard” to my students I always set it up by telling the kids there is a death, a part that makes you mad, a part that is really sad and a part that makes you happy. This spark their interest in the story and in reading for enjoyment. My passion is for every child to get enjoyment out of reading in some form.

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