Life-Changing Progress with Many Miles Yet to Go

July 26, 2020, marked the 30th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). The landmark legislation affirms and protects the rights of people with disabilities in a wide range of public settings. Since the ADA came into effect, American society has benefited tremendously; nevertheless, there is still significant work to be done. In celebration of the 30th anniversary of the ADA, we asked the Benetech community to share their perspective on the ADA and the current state of disability rights:

  • How has the ADA impacted your life?
  • What was life like “before and after” that ADA, or what has the ADA enabled you to do?
  • What advances in disability rights would you like to see in the next 30 years?

These firsthand accounts illustrate the power and limits of this legislation.

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Ayanada from West Virginia

I’d like to see that they passed legislation that makes ADA federally funded because currently it’s only federally mandated.I think that if the states were allotted more money for implementation, it would be easier for them to renovate buildings so that they are more accommodating.

Nesma from Maryland

I want more support for Accessible websites and apps. I want to not have to worry about going on a website and being afraid to because I can’t access it with my screen reader. I also don’t want to have to download an app and wonder if I can use it.